Gudger is an Ohio born, high-energy rock TRIO formed in late 2014, but has literally a lifetime of history. 

Derek Eddleblute has been playing music with his two sons Aaron (Drums / Vocals) and Matt Eddleblute (Bass) since the two were old enough to grasp the concept. Throughout the years, they have been involved with various cover bands and projects, but it wasn't until October of 2014 that they decided to take their classic and heavy rock influences and begin creating their own hard-hitting riff-driven rock & roll.

Gudger's first release is a 7 song EP, recorded by Seth Bostick at Washington Hall Studio, that goes by the name Celestial Titan (or Gudger I), and was released in the fall of 2015. The EP features raw and rough cuts of several songs that would later be re-recorded and released on their full-length album Gudger II, including Time and Place, Sacred Flower and Succubus.

In the spring of 2016, they began writing and recording their debut full-length album Gudger II. For the recording process, they teamed up with Neil Tuuri, owner and operator of Athens Ohio's Amish Electric Chair Studios. The 10-track LP is a powerful listen that takes you on a riff-filled journey from beginning to end, pulling influences from the likes of Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, Queens of the Stone Age, etc. While heavily focusing on guitar riffs (as all good rock n' roll should), Gudger II also features a perfect blend of clean and aggressive vocals and harmonies.

Shortly after the release of Gudger II, bassist and oldest son Matt made the difficult decision to part ways with the band for personal reasons. Upon his departure, they recruited their former studio tech and musical comrade Neil Tuuri.

Combining elements of blues, heavy metal, acid rock and more, Gudger creates a bruising atmosphere of aural destruction. Over the short two years that they have been in the Ohio rock scene, Gudger has been fortunate enough to develop a strong and dedicated fan base that is as good as family, and share the stage with Ohio's finest local rock and metal bands, as well as playing alongside a number of national acts, Valkyrie, Goya, Destroyer of Light, Brimstone Coven, Flaw, Jackyl, Bobaflex, Saliva, Drowning Pool to name a few. They continue to write, record, perform and develop their craft, playing music that they love for people who they love.



Derek Eddleblute - Guitar

Neil Tuuri - Bass

Aaron Eddleblute - Drums / Vocals

"Death From Above" video filmed by Paul Cunningham - Cool World Photography.